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Scott Horne, Minneapolis Chair maker

Handcrafted Cherry Wood Chairs

Scott Horne, Minneapolis, MN uses Wisconsin/Michigan Cherry Wood to create these chairs. 

Alongside a foundation in documented history (Evans,1996), my Windsor chairs offer an uncommon allure due to being...well...being made from a single, unpainted hardwood, which is a simple fact, but a rare and demanding feat.  Most Windsors were painted and consisted of a variety of woods.  Artistic tension, thus, resides in my chairs: Are they traditional or contemporary?

I use both traditional and modern tools and techniques: from chisels and spoke shaves to wood turning and modern sanding equipment. 


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Scott’s research into the history of chair designs really shows in the classic details of each and every one of his creations.
— Peter Q



In the 1980’s, I was inspired–first by peasant (campesino) carpenters in Paraguay, and next, by an assortment of Kentuckians in rural Monroe County–to pursue, and celebrate, the craft of chairmaking. Sensible; historical; conceptual; and comfy!